In this world of uncertainty, Aegon is helping its customers achieve a lifetime of financial security.

2016 Review

This online version of our 2016 Review provides this year's key highlights. For the full report, download the pdf below.

News highlights

Facts & figures

Our aim in producing this report is to provide a balanced, concise and comprehensive view of the company’s operations and performance.


Paid out

The amount we paid out in customer claims, benefits and plan withdrawals in 2016



We serve almost 30 million customers worldwide, mainly through our primary brands, Aegon and Transamerica.


Direct sales

In 2016, 16% of our sales were made direct to customers.


Facts & Figures

More facts & figures

Our operating environment

Maintaining a clear direction

We maintain a clear direction by identifying and examining trends and social indicators that have, or will have, an influence on our business.

Interview with Alex Wynaendts, aegon CEO

Our relationship with our customers throughout their lives

Alex Wynaendts, Aegon CEO, talks about transforming the company, being relevant to customers’ needs, and the vital role that Aegon plays.

Interview with Rob Routs, Supervisory Board Chairman

Deep change, dynamic progress

The Chairman of Aegon’s Supervisory Board, gives his views on our performance in 2016.

Our businesses in 2016

2016 saw a continued strategic move toward a more capital light, fee-based and digital business, to better suit the needs of our customers and our shareholders.

Our business in the Americas

Transamerica offers life insurance, retirement solutions, asset management services and accident and supplemental health products. Operating under the prominent Transamerica brand, the US is Aegon’s largest market, generating almost two-thirds of our earnings.

Our business in Europe

Aegon operates in 14* countries across Europe, a region characterized by a number
of different retirement systems, which are evolving at very different speeds. While we are present in more than ten countries in Europe: including the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland, six Central and Eastern European markets, Spain and Portugal, our story in the region this year cannot be told without referencing the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

Our business in Asset Management

Aegon Asset Management, headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, uses its investment management expertise to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security.

Our business in Asia

Aegon’s Asian businesses offer financial products and services in eleven countries
across Asia Pacific, a region of growing importance to our company. Aegon operates through three major joint ventures in China, India, and Japan, in addition to the pan-Asian operations of Transamerica Life Bermuda (our operation serving affiliates and individuals across Asia) and Aegon Insights (our leading specialist in direct marketing).

Our strategy

Our strategic objectives support our ambition to be a trusted partner for financial solutions at every stage of life.

Loyal customers

We've set the goal to become closer to our customers – or, as we call it, to become truly customer-centric.

More about loyal customers

Operational Excellence

We have made significant progress in improving the quality of our products and services, in line with our customers’ needs.

More about operational excellence

Optimized Portfolio

Given current economic conditions, we have made clear strategic decisions about which business lines are key to long-term growth.

More about optimized portfolio

How we create and share value

We maximize the value of our assets and investment activities.

How we create and share value for our customers

We build customer satisfaction and loyalty, which adds value
to our company. One of the key measures by which we define success or failure is by understanding the perspective of our customers.

Create and share value for our employees

One of our greatest assets is our workforce – our human capital. We have 29,000 employees around the world. Our employees serve our customers and ensure we innovate and develop products and services in an increasingly digital and competitive world.

How we create and share value for our investors

It is our objective to maintain and further develop good corporate governance, to be a leader in our chosen markets, to optimize our resources, to invest in new growth, and to return value to our shareholders.

How we create and share value for our business partners

Effective business partnering helps us to accelerate the execution of our strategy, optimize our resources and maximize on our strengths to mutual benefit. By working with companies that share our vision and values we become stronger than the sum of our parts.

How we create and share value in our local communities

We have a long-term commitment to the communities in which we operate. We seek to contribute to sustainable economic growth and to support organizations aligned with our efforts to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security.

Meet the board

At Aegon, we have a multi-tier governance system, consisting of our General Meeting of Shareholders, our Supervisory Board and our Executive Board, made up of our CEO and CFO. For the day-to-day management of the company, our Executive Board is supported by our Management Board.

Management Board

Members are drawn from our operating units and global functions. In 2016, for the first time, the Management Board was composed of almost 30% female to male ratio (3/11).

Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board is independent and made up largely of former executives from other organizations who are financial and/or corporate experts. In 2016, the Supervisory Board was composed of 25% female to male ratio (2/8).