Loyal customersOur strategic objectives

Serving our customers’ needs for financial security throughout their lifetimes by providing digitally enabled, omni-channel, accessible solutions and superior customer experience.

Demonstrated by:

  • In the Netherlands, the number of customers registered for a ‘My Aegon’ account exceeded 900,000. ‘My Aegon’ provides customers with a personal overview of their financial position via internet or mobile app 24/7.
  • Aegon Life developed AUCUA PULSE, a word-cloud tool that helps prioritize and improve customer loyalty in India. As a result of action taken, the company’s Net Promoter Score improved by almost 39 points.
  • Transamerica launched the HigherEd Retirement ConsortiumSM in the United States. This multiple employer retirement plan is designed to help private colleges and universities merge their employee retirement plans.

What material issues do they link to?

  • New technologies and digital transformation.
  • Customer experience.

What performance indicators do we use?

  • NPS performance (benchmarked vs peers).
  • NPS coverage.

How did we perform?

  • NPS performance: 35% of our customers are in the 1st and 2nd quartile
  • NPS coverage: 97% (98%)

*For comparison, figures in brackets represent 2015 figures.

An unexpected arrival

If I had lost my home, I might not have been able to keep my son.


Most people have months to prepare for a new baby, but for Astrid Velland from Rotterdam, the transition from single life and financial independence happened virtually overnight.

When Astrid’s sister-in-law died in childbirth, she stepped in to raise the child. “Things can change when you least expect it,” she says.

At the age of 51, she was a new mum with big responsibilities. Due to initial complications in the adoption process, child benefits were delayed, she had to eat into her savings, and soon slid into debt. “I didn’t want my son to go without, but with all the other bills, I couldn’t pay my mortgage,” she says.

Astrid called Aegon in despair and spoke to Beatrice Brown of the debt department. Beatrice determined that Astrid might avoid foreclosure with the help of a budget coach. After switching her mortgage, reining in spending, and drawing up a financial plan, Astrid is back on track. “I am so grateful,” she says. “If I had lost my home, I might not have been able to keep my son. Now we can both look forward to a secure future.”