Our strategy

Everything we do ties back to our purpose – to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security. We have been proud to serve our customers for over 170 years. To continue for the next 170 years and beyond, we follow a clear and steady strategy, even if everything else around us is volatile.

Strategic objective

Loyal customers

Serving our customers’ need for financial security throughout their lifetimes by providing digitally enabled, omni-channel, accessible solutions and superior customer experience.

Strategic objective

Empowered employees

Valuing and supporting our people as our greatest asset by engaging and enabling them with the tools, training, and culture needed to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Strategic objective

Operational excellence

Delivering excellent service to our customers at competitive cost levels by increasing scale and improving quality, efficiency, and accuracy of our processes with technology.

Strategic Objective

Optimized portfolio

Ensuring that we always meet our long-term commitments to our stakeholders by delivering sustainable financial results and maintaining a strong and stable balance sheet.