Aegon in 2016Management Board

Alex Wynaendts

CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board and Management Board, Aegon N.V.

Alex Wynaendts joined Aegon in 1997 and was appointed as a member of Aegon´s Executive Board in 2003.

Darryl Button

CFO, Aegon N.V.

Darryl joined Aegon as Director of Product Development & Risk Management in the US Risk Management business.

Allegra van Hövell-Patrizi

Chief Risk Officer, Aegon N.V.

Allegra joined Aegon from Prudential plc, London. Allegra began her career in 1996 and joined Aegon at the end of 2015.

Mark Bloom

Global Chief Technology Officer, Aegon N.V.

Mark has over 30 years’ experience in information technology. He joined Aegon from Citi, where he served as Global Head of Consumer Digital and Operations Technology.

Carla Mahieu

Global Head Human Resources, Aegon N.V.

Carla joined Aegon to set up the global HR function in 2010. She began her career with Royal Dutch Shell and Philips Electronics.

Onno van Klinken

General Counsel, Aegon N.V.

Onno has over 20 years of experience providing legal advice to a range of companies and leading Executive Board offices.

Adrian Grace

CEO Aegon UK

Adrian held various roles within GE Capital, Sage Group Inc. and joined Barclays Bank in 2004 as Chief Executive of the Insurance Business.

Gábor Kepecs

CEO Aegon Central & Eastern Europe

Gábor Kepecs was the CEO of Aegon Hungary from 1992 until 2009 when he became the CEO of Aegon Central & Eastern Europe.

Marco Keim

CEO Aegon the Netherlands

After beginning his career with Coopers & Lybrand/Van Dien, Fokker Aircraft and NS Reizigers, Marco was appointed CEO of Aegon the Netherlands, and a member of Aegon’s Management Board in June 2008.

Mark Mullin

CEO Aegon Americas

Mark has spent more than 20 years with Aegon in various management positions in both the United States and Europe.

Sarah Russell

CEO Aegon Asset Management

Sarah has 25 years’ experience in international finance and asset management. She joined Aegon Asset Management as CEO in 2010, and has been a member of Aegon’s Management Board since August 2016.