Create and share valueHow we create and share value

We build customer satisfaction and loyalty, which adds value to our company.

One of the key measures by which we define success or failure is by understanding the perspective of our customers.

Customer experience is the responsibility of the business units’ management teams. We believe that the country units are best placed to know their markets and their customers, but we also know that units can learn from each other and replicate successes.

To encourage this kind of learning from each other, our Customer Strategy Campus1 provides an opportunity for customer service professionals to meet for two days to exchange expertise and ideas.

Measurable improvements

Our NPS program2 is an integral part of our transformation from a product-oriented, to a customer-centric company.

Research shows a strong link between NPS growth and a company’s performance compared with its peers. A high NPS drives higher performance as customers buy more, stay longer, refer friends and family, and provide meaningful feedback.


In 2016, we paid out €59 billion in customer claims, benefits and plan withdrawals


of our customers are in the 1st and 2nd quartile for Net Promotor Score Benchmark performance


The percentage of our business that uses Net Promoter Score, a standardized metric used to measure customer loyalty

NPS coverage is the percentage of our business3 that uses NPS as a measure of customer loyalty. The 2016 figure was very high at 97%, underlining that NPS is now universally adopted across nearly all our markets.

We also measure our NPS performance benchmarked against peers in our three main markets4 as well as in Hungary. 2016 saw marked progress in our NPS performance.

We were also pleased to see the percentage of our businesses with benchmarked performance in the first and second quartile, rising to 10% and 25% respectively.

Moving with the times

Our NPS improvements can be attributed to the measures we are taking to get closer to customers. While we primarily offer products through brokers, agents, banks and financial advisors, we also increasingly offer information, products and services online, through direct marketing, and with distribution partners – such as retail chains outside the financial industry. We saw a slight rise in the percentage of direct to customer sales from 15% to 16%.

Touchpoint NPS

We made significant progress in our measurement of touchpoint NPS (tNPS) – the collection of feedback about a specific interaction between the company and customer. Several country units saw double digit improvement, including Turkey, India, Hungary, and Brazil.

In the US, we learned that some of our annuity customers were dissatisfied with their experience; this related to withdrawing money from their policies. Our US customer experience team partnered with the annuities team to map the customer journey, launch additional surveys and perform in-depth customer interviews to fully understand the low score.

We implemented changes including simplifying the process and forms needed from our customers. Overall NPS improved 16% and we saw an 8% reduction in related calls as a result.

1 Formerly known as the Customer Loyalty Forum or CLF.
2 Net Promoter Score, a registered trademark, is a standardized metric used to measure customer loyalty.
3 Weighted by IFRS capital.
4 USA, UK and the Netherlands

Answering the big questions

We focus our passion for science and technology on exploring important questions to improve the quality of life for us all.



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Anoop Mehta, SSAI President, sees a connection between Transamerica’s values and the goals of his company. “We focus our passion for science and technology on exploring important questions to improve the quality of life for us all. Transamerica helps our employees improve and explore their future quality of life in retirement.”