Responsible businessOur strategy

Last year, we re-examined our approach to sustainability, and the important social, environmental and economic aspects of our operations.

As a result, we introduced Responsible Business. This looks specifically at where, as a company, we can create added value for society. We've identified three main objectives – and we have initiatives to support each of these objectives: investing more in renewables, for example, and developing products and services to help customers manage their finances and lifestyles more effectively:

  1. To help our customers improve their financial security and well-being.
    This goes to the very heart of our purpose as a company. We want our customers to have financial security, and we want them to be healthy, so they can enjoy that security. Indeed, there's a clear correlation between financial and personal well-being – both require discipline and long-term thinking. For individuals, health issues can also be a major cause of financial headaches, particularly in the US.
  2. To be a leader in retirement and healthy aging.
    We know that aging will bring profound social change. Where possible, we want to help age-proof society, so it can adapt to these changes. That's why we're investing in retirement research, and in working closely with governments and policymakers.
  3. To help take care of the environment.
    We have a responsibility to act where we can on climate change. As an office-based company, we don't have a big carbon footprint. But as an investor we can make a difference, through engagement with other companies, and by choosing to invest more in clean, renewable energy and energy-efficient real estate. A cleaner environment also means fewer health problems.