Financial security is something that many people lack. We’re here to change that.

Aegon’s 2017 Review

In this Review, we’ll explain our strategy and how we intend to continue creating real, long-term value for our stakeholders.

How we share value

How we share value with customers

Most of our products and services are about protecting what’s important for our customers – themselves, their loved ones, and their property.

How we share value with employees

As an employer, our role is to provide a safe, productive workplace – one where employees can learn, and develop their skills and talent.

How we share value with investors

We have thousands of investors around the world. Our goal is to ensure they have a consistent and attractive return on their investment.

How we share value with our business partners

We work with lots of different business partners. They play a vital role in helping us develop, market and sell our products and services.

How we share value in our communities

Insurance plays a very important social and economic role. It protects people, property and assets. By doing so, it allows individuals and businesses to take risks; savings products help them invest and plan for the future.

Aegon today

Our history dates back almost 175 years

Who we are and what we do: our businesses and the countries we operate in, plus details of our governance and responsible decision-making.

Our operating environment

We operate in a fast-moving environment

We look at the factors that are currently shaping our operating environment, and some of the key events that made 2017 such an important year for us.

Our strategy

Repositioning our businesses

This is what we call optimizing our portfolio. It’s one of our four strategic objectives. The idea is simple: we want to put more of our resources into businesses that will bring us future earnings and growth.

Generating capital

Thanks to recent changes, Aegon's businesses are also generating more capital. At the same time, recent divestments have reduced our need for capital; the sale of two of our US run-off businesses alone freed up an additional $700 million.

Greater efficiency

Our businesses need to be as efficient as possible. We’ve made progress in this regard, but there’s more to be done. Our aim is to cut costs by €350 million by the end of 2018.

Responsible Business

Last year, we re-examined our approach to sustainability, and the important social, environmental and economic aspects of our operations. As a result, we introduced Responsible Business.

Interview with our CEO

Our workforce will continue to change, we have to have the right skills.

Interview with our Chairman

We represent all stakeholders, not just shareholders.