Creating valueAegon today

Life insurance, savings and pensions is a long-term business. To be successful, we have to be profitable. But we also have to create consistent value for the societies in which we operate.

Where does this value come from?

  • For our customers, it's about life-long protection and financial security. It's about paying claims, and helping them save for a financially secure retirement.
  • For our shareholders and bondholders, it's about providing returns through regular dividends and coupon payments.
  • For our business partners, it's about fair treatment and allowing their businesses to grow and prosper alongside ours.
  • For our employees, it's about offering regular salaries and benefits, training and opportunities for career development.
  • And for the wider community, it's about acting as a responsible corporate citizen, meeting our obligations, and investing in areas that bring clear social and environmental benefits.

To operate, our business needs resources – or 'capitals'. Three capitals in particular are important to us:

  • Financial capital from our investors
  • Human & intellectual capital from our employees
  • And social & relationship capital from our customers, business partners, brokers and intermediaries

You can view our value chain chart here – how our businesses transform these capitals into direct and indirect economic value for our stakeholders. You can read more about the value we create for our stakeholders here